I have been an online and print journalist for nine years. During my career I have been a news journalist, a feature writer and an editor.
Among other things, I have written reactive news, researched and investigative news, profiles, a column, features and analysis, and blogs - and I've built up a thick contact book. 
Alongside writing I have been on CNBC's Squawk box as an ETF expert, I have hosted and written a series of web videos, I have moderated at conferences and private roundtable events, and I have written and hosted webinars.
Most of my time spent as a journalist has been in the finance sector and it has meant I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas. These are not limited to:
- Commodities
- Trading and technology
- Structured products
- Derivatives
- Energy
- Risk
- ETFs
- Indexing
- Asset Management
​- Hedge funds